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It is important to keep your vehicle clean, both on the interior and exterior.  Here you will find products that will enhance the sparkle of your car, both on the inside and the outside.  The first step is to wash your car.  After washing your car, you can use these products to make your car shine!

Exterior Cleaning Products

bulletTurtle Wax® Zip Wax Car Wash:  Deep-cleaning suds get rid of dirt and grime, leaving a nice shiny finish.  Safe to use on aluminum, chrome, and glass.
bulletTurtle Wax® Chrome Polish and Rust Remover:  Cleans and transforms rusty chrome to its original gleaming form.  Works on wheels, bumpers, and trim.
bulletArmor All® Tire Foam Protectant:  Cleans tires in just minutes, leaving a lustrous shine.  Will not harm wheels or wheel covers.  Makes your tires look like new!

bulletArmor All® Wheel Cleaner:  For use on wheel rims, wheel covers, and hubcaps.  It keeps your wheels looking like new.  Removes brake dust.

Interior Cleaning Products

bulletArmor All® Cleaning Wipes:  Used on dashboards, fabric, and carpet.  Remove tough dirt, without drying out or damaging surfaces.

bulletArmor All® Protectant Wipes:  A quick way and easy way to clean, shine, and protect plastic and vinyl.  Long lasting effect that makes interior plastic and vinyl look like new!

bulletArmor All® Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner: Specially formulated to quickly and effectively clean your car's interior.  Penetrates deep into fabric to remove dirt and odors.

bulletTurtle Wax® Leather Cleaner & Conditioner:  Made for leather interiors.  Gently cleans and conditions leather upholstery.  Prevents leather from drying and cracking.  Restores natural luster and finish of leather.



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