Becoming: Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality

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"Personality is far too complex a thing to be trussed up in a conceptual straight jacket.  Starting with this conviction the present essay argues for conceptual open-mindedness and for a reasoned eclecticism."

                               -Gordon Allport, "Becoming"


As stated in the previous pages, this was Gordon Allports fifth book to be published.  This book sought out to describe how we "become" the way we are.  It gives its readers an insight to how we grow as humans.  It gives us a glimpse as to how we develop as human beings and why we develop our personalities.  It describes a constant battle we have with ourselves in who we are, as well as who we will be. It is a remarkable book discussing our society and how it shapes each individual.  In this book he quotes, "Thus, in the moral sphere we may say that becoming depends upon the development of a generic conscience which, in turn, depends upon the possession of long-range goals and an ideal self-image." 

It may suggest that we never truly are who we want to be, but rather what we should be.  In terms of today, someone who graduates from high school is not asked what their plans are in a broad sense.  They are instead asked where they are going to attend college at.  As a society we often times bound those around us, this book opens up the minds and eyes of those who read it, with perspectives that are still applicable today.


"The problem of becoming is intertwined with the problem of structure; for process leads to product."

                     -Gordon W. Allport


Gordon Allports fifth book