Pattern and Growth in Personality

"Rationalizations range from the trivial to the grandoise.  On impulse we jump to justify our misdeeds."

-Gordon Allport "The Unconcious Stratum"

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Gordon W. Allport(1897-1967)
Gordon Allport

This was seen in one sense as the revision of his first book "Personality: a Psychological Interpretation."  However, he believed it to be full of new concepts.  The book describes cultural factors in personality, with cognition to the self (Allport).  In this book he describes the problem that we all have which is the ability "to discover proper balance between uniform factors and individual morphogenic factors".  The book serves as a representative of scientific studies of personality.  It gives the reader an avenue to ponder about.  However, despite the studies and findings, he leaves it up to the reader to decide for themselves and he never claims to have all of the answers, just some insights and items to think about.  At the end of each chapter there is a summary, a recap of what should be taken away from the chapter.

The book is relevant to the search of the self.  So often times in our society we find that we are in a constant battle with ourselves and who we want to be.  This book serves as a reference to why we feel the way we do. 

"Psychologists cannot tell us what normality, health, or maturity of personality mean.  Yet every practical-minded person, including psychologists and psychotherapists, would like to know."

                              -Gordon Allport "The Mature Personality"